Our world is striving for a greener future and that means saying goodbye to fossil fuels. Many cities in the USA, such as Los Angeles, have already said goodbye to petrol-powered leaf blowers. In Europe, too, more and more cities, such as Berlin, are following suit.

Thanks to EGO's groundbreaking battery technology, powerful and efficient cordless garden tools are finally a reality. EGO tools not only offer first-class running times and lightning-fast charging times, but are also more environmentally friendly and protect the user's health and wallet. Let's leave petrol in the past and welcome a green and clean future!

Our 56V Arc Lithium battery is the rockstar of the tech world, leaving the competition in the dust. Featuring our groundbreaking Keep Cool™ phase change material and futuristic arc-shaped design, this battery stays cool and delivers incredible endurance.

nser 56V-Arc-Lithium-Akku ist der absolute Rockstar der Technikwelt und lässt die Konkurrenz im Staub stehen. Mit unserem bahnbrechenden Keep Cool™-Phasenwechselmaterial und dem futuristischen, bogenförmigen Arc-Design bleibt dieser Akku immer cool und kann mit einer unglaublichen Ausdauer punkten.
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Our innovative system keeps your device cool and avoids heat problems that could cause it to crash. Each battery cell is encased in our unique Keep Cool™ material, which keeps the cells at their optimal temperature.

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Our 56V ARC Lithium™ battery is the boss with smart energy management. Each cell is constantly monitored and optimized so that your device always works with the optimal power and runtime.

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The battery mounted on the outside of the device offers a big advantage over the competition. The EGO battery stays cool for longer and is less likely to overheat.

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Our clever battery system is a monitoring genius and constantly checks the power and temperatures of each individual cell so that your battery is charged as efficiently as possible - and quickly too!

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Our industry-leading technology is the same in all battery-powered tools. Each 56V Arc Lithium battery is compatible with the entire EGO range. Battery performance and runtime depend on the size of the battery - the larger the battery, the higher the capacity.

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EGO was founded on a clear vision to develop an innovative cordless garden tool system from advanced technology that offers numerous benefits, one of which is reducing environmental impact.


Not only do our machines outperform petrol-powered machines in terms of run time, they are also quieter, cleaner and easier to manage thanks to the ARC Lithium 56V battery. The EGO Power+ batteries are specifically designed for optimal performance and a longer lifespan, and come with an extended warranty of up to 3 years. Here are some of the features:

  • Externally mounted battery: stays cool and delivers longer lasting power with easy handling
  • Energy management system: shows the remaining energy level of the battery
  • Unique "Keep Cool™" technology: increases performance by preventing overheating
  • Innovative ARC-shaped design: lowers the temperature over a larger external surface of the battery
  • Flexible battery system: every EGO battery can be used in every EGO device
  • Easy setup and start: just click in the battery and get started – no tightening is necessary
  • Saves time: EGO's quick charger recharges the 10.0Ah battery in just 70 minutes
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