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Bild der Erde mit Bäumen, Symbol für Umwelt


EGO plans to ramp up research and innovation to further minimize the environmental impact of cordless garden tools.

Instead of relying on fossil fuels, we now prefer clean and environmentally friendly energy sources. The technology for smart energy supply in horticulture and landscape maintenance is already on the rise. At EGO, we continue to focus on improving these technologies in order to protect nature.

As European and national governments urge companies to rethink their environmental policies, it is only a matter of time before petrol-powered garden tools have to be phased out.


If we as individuals take the decisive step of switching to battery-powered garden tools, we can make a positive impact on our environment. Challenge 2025 is our commitment to improve the future of gardening for the benefit of the environment.

Our goal is for batteries to become the primary power source for electric garden tools within five years. This change will help to significantly reduce emissions of exhaust fumes and noise, while increasing safety and user comfort. We want to achieve our goal by encouraging consumers to make the switch from petrol to battery-powered garden tools.

Together we can create a cleaner, quieter and safer future

Umwelt - Erde in den Händen einer Frau mit einer Pflanze
Abzeichen für: Wir beteiligen unsere Verpackung bei der GründePunkt

We are participating!

Since 1990, Der Grüne Punkt has set up and organized the world's first dual system for high-quality recycling of sales packaging close to the end consumer. Today, it is a leading provider of return systems.

In order to free industry and trade from their obligation to take back and recycle packaging in accordance with the statutory packaging regulations, the Green Dot set up a second (dual) waste disposal system alongside the public system. Since 1991, it is the first system in the world to recycle used sales packaging and recover raw materials from it for the economic cycle.

The “Green Dot” brand, which was created for the recycling process, is protected worldwide and is one of the best-known international trademarks. It is used in many countries as a financing symbol for packaging recycling. The Green Dot is a member of the umbrella organization PRO Europe.

The green dot