AS Motor AS 585 EKM rotary mower

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AS Motor AS 585 E KM rotary mower

The battery-powered rotary mower – emission-free and easy handling

Feed production made easy. With the AS 585 E-KM, feed production for animals is efficient and convenient. It works according to the drum mower principle. This consists of a mowing drum with the blades and the sliding plate. The sliding plate attached below the mowing drum ensures that the mower rests parallel to the ground and at the same time determines the cutting height. Four pendulum-mounted blades are attached to the driven mowing drum, which cut grass up to 60 cm high close to the ground. The high speed of the mowing drum ensures that the grass is cut cleanly. The grass is laid in even swaths in rows. This means that it can be quickly raked, loaded and transported away. With a cutting width of 62 cm, the rotary mower achieves an area output of up to 1,500 m² per hour.

Emission-free feed and hay production with the new AS 585 E-KM rotary mower

The 56 volt AS-Motor Electric drive has the power of a conventional 200 cm³ 4-stroke petrol engine. Two professional hand batteries, each with 12 Ah, supply it with energy. That is an enormous 1,344 Wh energy content. The drive unit can handle peak power without switching off. The intelligent "Power Peak" system balances the connected batteries in parallel. The external batteries in the patented ARC shape are excellently protected against overheating. Important when mowing hay in hot summer.

The drive can be engaged using a lever and enables a forward speed of 2.4 km/h. In more challenging terrain or for better propulsion, the rear wheels can be locked manually. The handlebar can also be adjusted to an individual working height to ensure comfortable working. The handlebar is foldable. This means that the AS 585 E-KM rotary mower can also be transported in a slightly larger car.

The machine has cutting blades that are easy to change and can be used on both sides. The significantly lower vibrations of a rotary mower and the robustness of the cutting blades mean that maintenance and repair costs are significantly reduced compared to a cylinder mower.


Expand your operational capabilities in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

Additional advantages:

  • Most powerful electric drive on the market. 56 volts, 3.46 kW maximum power. Two battery slots, active cooling and two working speeds. Connection option for additional 1,568 Wh, 28 Ah back battery.
  • LOCKABLE DIFFERENTIAL - Rear wheels with studded tires and manually lockable differential for best propulsion
  • Stable mowing disc with hardened reversible blades ground on both sides.
  • Guide bar adjustable to individual working height.

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