AS Motor AS 60 EWeedHex weed brush

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AS Motor AS 60 E WeedHex weed brush

The AS 60 E-WeedHex is based on the compact AS 30 E-WeedHex. With a working width of 60 cm, the AS 60 E-WeedHex weed brush offers increased area performance. It impresses with a powerful electric motor with a maximum output of 3.46 kW.

The brush holder with 8 adjustable braided brushes is set in rotation by operating the hand lever. The brush holder rotates at just 180 rpm in ECO mode and 195 rpm in turbo mode. The low speed of the brush holder compared to a brush cutter reduces the risk of stones being thrown to a minimum. Using the optional protective cloth reduces the spread of dirt to a minimum.

Swinging the protective cloth to the right-hand side of the machine causes the debris to be deposited in swaths. This makes subsequent disposal of the debris much easier. The impressively high brush power is achieved by a mechanical reduction gear. It is virtually impossible to block the rotating brush during operation. A metal ring around the brush holder prevents the brushes from hitting corners, edges and obstacles.

The pneumatic wheels of the AS 60 E-WeedHex are ball-bearing mounted and allow it to overcome high curbs. The machine is perfectly balanced. Pushing the machine by hand is almost effortless. When working straight ahead, the axle can be locked with linch pins. This reduces disruptive lateral forces during work.

To better reach into gaps, joints or edges, the machine has a quick lateral adjustment via hand lever.


Expand your operational capabilities in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

Additional advantages:

  • Most powerful electric drive on the market. 56 volts, 3.46 kW maximum power. Two battery slots, active cooling and two working speeds. Connection option for additional 1,568 Wh, 28 Ah back battery.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE BRAIDED BRUSHES - Can be replaced, adjusted and used over a length of around 20 cm within seconds using the quick-release fastener.
  • By tilting the machine, joints and edges can be reached more easily.
  • Application safety - Low risk of stone throwing due to low speed of only 180 revolutions per minute.
  • No pesticides enter the environment. No harmful effects on fauna.
  • 60 cm working width, long service life of the 8 brushes, adjustable without tools.

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