EGO PGX3000D 3-port charging distributor

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EGO PGX3000D 3-port charging distributor Professional-X

The heart of the new EGO Pro X charging system is a mobile, super-fast charging power bank that keeps the Pro X devices ready for use all day long.

In combination with the new EGO PGX Power Hub, more than 250 Ah can be charged overnight – ready for the next working day.

The EGO Pro X Power Hub features IoT Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to provide all the information needed to manage a fleet of Pro X devices. This gives you an overview of data from all activated EGO products and physically connected charging peripherals.

The PGX 1600W charger is designed to plug into regular household sockets, so no electrical modifications are required for installation.

Designed to connect to the EGO Pro X 1600W charger.

Additional advantages:

  • Space for up to three EGO 56V-ARC-LithiumTM batteries
  • The LED display clearly shows the charging status
  • Connects to the nearest charger, can expand the charging system by up to 30 peripherals
  • IoT wired data connection – transmits charging information via the charger
  • Wall mounting, E-Track compatible with separate accessory kit
  • The side handles and the battery holder clip allow transport
  • Physical anti-theft device with padlock


  • Monitoring / display of charging status and statistics
  • Priority charging
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Reminder to complete charging
  • Battery optimization
  • Usage statistics and much more.

Incl. ACE0700


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