EGO OSA1000 Multitool Olive Shaker Attachment

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EGO OSA1000 Multitool Olive Shaker Attachment

This makes it easy to harvest ripe olives. With this attachment and its 10 interchangeable carbon fiber rods, ripe olives can be shaken off the branches at around 2000 strokes per second. With a length of 33 cm but a diameter of just 0.5 cm, you can easily shake the olive trees in all difficult places. The durable and market-tested gear with integrated lubrication is particularly easy to maintain.

Harvesting olives has never been so quick (or satisfying)! If you have half a dozen olive trees, harvesting is quick and easy. With its lightweight but sturdy carbon fiber pole, the OSA1000 olive shaker attachment is both strong and flexible. With 1780-2120 strokes per minute, it harvests olives, berries, cherries and even almonds with aplomb. There are 5 shaking rods on each side that work in tandem to separate the fruit from the branches. With a reach of 140 cm, the attachment can reach the higher branches and ensure a high harvest yield. The olive shaker attachment covers 33 to 53 cm, which is a wide enough range to complete the harvest, branch by branch.


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